New branch is coming to Waffle Akın! The signatures have been signed, we will be at Novada Park Urfa Avm soon! Congratulations to our investor, all the people who loves Waffle and lives in Urfa!
We continue to make a difference in the sector and to be at the forefront! Metin Burmalı from Yeni Asır Newspaper, '' Opportunity for Entrepreneurs from Wafflecı Akın '' under the title of franchise models and deals dealership opportunities.
The story of Mehmet Geren, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, took place in Turkey!
Waffle'cı Akin is now in the center of the world Çorum AHL Park Shopping Center! We are opening soon and bringing the people of Çorum with our delicious waffles.
We have signed the contract with our investor at the moment.We will perform our opening on January 1, 2017. We continue to grow our brand with confident steps!
We are in Mavibahçe Shopping Center now
Gold Brand the deserved an award was recommended to the consumer and consumers.
We are rewarded by European Union consumer protection association with the certificate of recommendation.







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