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Franchising Process

Information Retrieval (Step 1)

Franchisee demands; This can happen with telephones to obtain information or reference method.

Application (Step 2)

The applicants should send him/her contact information, work experience and references to this e-mail address:

Pre-Interview (Step 3)

Our franchisee candidates that appears suitable, become invited to make more detailed discussions.

Business Plan Presentation (Step 4)

We want a business plan from the candidates, including a Business Plan and a regional market research to present to the Board of Directors.

Selection (Step 5)

The candidate's work capacity is decided by the management team.

Orientation and Preparation (Step 6)

The candidate and the staff start the 1 week training period. They have to participate fully in these trainings. In the same period, the shop (Kioks-Stand etc.) finding, submiting, approval of the management, renting and decorating activities begins.

Action (Step 7)

Practical and theoretical training takes place in shops and stands.

Contract and Opening (Step 8)

If there is no problem during the training process, the franchisee (kiosk, stand, etc.) leases gets completed and the lease contract is signed. The franchise contract is made before the shop (Kioks-Stand etc.) gets activated.

Franchise Bedeli :

Kioks, Stand Bedeli:

Dükkan Konsepti:

Projelendirme Bedeli:

Dükkan Konsepti Projelendirme Bedeli:

*Franchise Hizmet Bedeli:

*Bayilerimizden cirosu ne olursa olsun pay alınmaz.

Targeted Zones

Targeted zones for franchising;

















Why Franchising?

Waffle’cı Akın, which has the aim of spreading this flavor all over Turkey and abroad with the franchising system, provides great convenience for its investors. Starting a business with a brand well-known with its franchising system is a privilege.

We have decided to extend Waffle’cı Akın family by protecting its quality and working with people or companies with the same understanding. Waffle’cı Akın is growing fast with its low capital costs and high profit margin and is sharing its experience with you.




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Franchise Application Form

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