Cold coffee
& Frappe

Ice coffee Latte
Aromatized Ice coffee Latte
Ice Mocha
Ice White Chocolate Mocca
Ice Caramel Macchiato
Aromatized Frappe (Strawberry, banana, chocolate, Caramel)


Milkshake with vanilla
Milkshake with chocolate
Milkshake with banana
Milkshake with strawberry
Akın Mix (banana, strawberry, chocolate, with slices of strawberry)

Fresh Fruit Juice

lemonade with mint
lemonade with strawberry
orange juice
carrot juice (on season)
apple juice (on season)
pomegranate juice (on season)
Multi Vitamin (4 types of fruit + honey)


Strawberry Frozen
Melon Frozen
Watermelon Frozen
Peach Frozen
Lemon mint Frozen
Raspberry Frozen
Akın Special Frozen
(banana, strawberry, kiwi, with chocolate pieces)

for children

Chocolate milk (hot / cold)
Fruit flavored milk (banana, strawberry)
Cereal + milk
Warm milk
Milk with banana and honey

Soft drinks

Coke, Light coke, Zero
Ice Tea
Fruit juice (peach, apricot, cherry)
Cherry-Sparkling water
Sparkling water
Fruit flavored sparkling water

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our job with love
since 1994
and offering the best
waffles in Turkey.

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